Abigail Spenser Hu presents her new single

Abigail Spenser Hu is a singer-songwriter who aims to show the world her emotions and feelings of her through her music of her. Since she was a child, Abigail has been amused and intrigued by music.

All around her, she heard various genres of music being played, and as she grew up, she realized that this was the medium she wanted to express herself through. Getting into the industry, Abigail has explored several music genres, including pop, deep house, progressive house, and some other EDM subgenres. However, when it came to her debut track, Abigail went for the pop genre.

Abigail’s debut single, “Inward,” was an incredible hit and a massive success, earning more than 1.6 million plays on Spotify alone. This track has also skyrocketed her popularity and fame, landing her on the covers of some of the most famous magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Grazier, and Bazaar. When talking about her work de ella, Abigail mentions how music has allowed her to tap into her deepest emotions and channel them in a way that is reflected in her music de ella. Music has allowed Abigail to express herself and her de ella heartbreak de ella transparently. She also mentions how the music has made her move from a single dimension to a three-dimensional space. Abigail also likes to connect her music to nostalgia and warmth.

It’s one of the reasons her debut track of hers was met with such success. Music has allowed her to connect with her de ella folk-related storytelling roots de ella. When talking about hard times, Abigail mentions COVID and the lockdown and how she had to keep herself sane yet make music. The lockdown period was an incredibly hard time for her, during which she wrote her song about the dilemma of wanting to get out in the world and explore while at the same time staying indoors and detaching herself from all the bad things going on around her.

Talking about this time, Abigail says, “The lockdown proved to be increasingly productive for me.” Her upcoming work by her is part of an LA-based singer-songwriter contest that was held by Compass box Studio and OK Listen. Because of this contest, she had the chance to translate a simple song into a full-blown track using her guitar and vocals. Her version of it comprises several instruments such as guitars, upright bass, drums, violin, and clarinet. Abigail says her track by her will be inspired by and built upon light beats and patterns as well as a beautiful melody. Abigail has some solid plans for her future de ella, and she wants to continue making more music and expand her audience de ella. Abigail wants to work with industry-leading artists and achieve new milestones in her career.

Abigail has also planned two upcoming songs, both of which are going to be different from “Inward” in terms of beat, melody, and lyrics.

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